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EC Pneumatic & Hardware Sdn. Bhd (EC) boasts a wealth of experience in the pneumatic components & hardware products market. With us, you can expect the best of the best with regards to industrial automation using pneumatic. EC Pneumatic seeks to work closely with our diverse clients who wish to outsource their pneumatic products such as air valves, in competitive pricing and excellent quality.

We work with reputable brands to ensure utmost value for our clients. In this regard, EC Pneumatic offers an extensive selection of SWISH Brand Air Pilot Valves. The products are available in 3-way and 5-way configurations in port sizes from 1/8” thread to ½” BSPT. It’s worth noting that they are spool type valves, designed with single or double air pilots. The air pilot valves offer impressive pressure ranging from 0 to 125 psi. Consequently, the products are ideal for a wide range of industrial applications.

True to our innovative culture, our air pilot valves are compact in size, while providing unmatched flow. Constructed using aluminum material, the valves offer utmost flow in a small package. Need pilot valves for extreme industrial environments? Our air pilot valves are highly efficient in temperatures ranging from 32 to 150°F (0 to 65°C).

We know all the ins and outs of pneumatic and are willing to go the extra mile to meet your industrial needs. Based on your specific needs, we will help you choose between our product assortments, including; 3/2 Way Spring Return & Air Pilot Valves,   5/2 Way Spring Return & Air Pilot Valves and 5/3 Way Spring Centered Double Air Pilot Valves. Our range of pneumatic are proven and tested to enhance customer satisfaction. It is our goal that our clients are able to achieve their true potential.

Unlike solenoid valves which are electrically operated, our air pilot valves use air as the signal. EC Pneumatic also stocks various accessories that are highly compatible with air pilot valves. This includes manifolds with spare kits. Notable benefits that come with our products include high reliability even in challenging applications, besides ease of use. Additionally, our customers benefit from savings in design, assembly, and installation.

EC Pneumatic offers competitive pricing for all our products and accessories, so you don’t have to break the bank. Our customers have for many years trusted us to provide pneumatic solutions for their benefits, driven without compromise for a world in action. We are the supplier of choice for quality Air Pilot Valves in Malaysia. Contact us today for a customized package.

Do you require pneumatic products for your production line or factory?

EC Pneumatic & Hardware has over 16+ years’ experience in the industry, enabling us to source the right mechanisms for your pneumatic components in Malaysia based on respective requirements. As a primer pneumatic component supplier in Malaysia, our products are of first-class quality & performance, which makes it easy to fit in your desired workflow. We also carry a collection of leading brands and manufacturers in the industry such as SWISH, CKD, Parker, SMC, ASCO, JISAN and heaps more. Check out our offerings of pneumatic products.

If you’re interested in working with EC Pneumatic & Hardware, contact us today.

To place an order or request for a quote, do contact us & our team of experts will get back to you with their professional advice. 

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