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The Air Source Treatment Unit is an essential part of a pneumatic transmission system. It comprises of an air filter, a pressure reducing valve, and an oil mister. When it comes to Air Source Treatment, customers want a product that will efficiently purify compressed air, set pressure, besides adding lubrication.

Our pneumatic filters offer excellent removal of moisture and contaminants, providing unrivalled air filtration through a 25 micron filter. Replacement 25 micron and 5 micron filters are available to suit varying industrial needs. It is critical that air source treatment systems are well engineered with superior components. Pneumatic filters work together with the other components of FRL units, including the regulators and lubricators to provide clean and conditioned air/gas required to drive pneumatic machines.

With advancement in technology, emerging filters offer outstanding performance, besides being a low-cost alternative to traditional filters. With our filters, you can be certain of excellent particulate filtration efficiency and air flow/back pressure. It is our goal that our diverse clients benefit from high levels of reliability, efficiency and longevity for pneumatic machinery.

It’s worth noting that the air pressure of the air source is often higher than the actual pressure required by each device. Consequently, a pressure reducing valve is required to minimize the pressure up to the pressure required by each device. After gas passes through the filter system, clean air is output from the output port. The baffle blocks the vortex of air flow from rolling up the deposited sewage. As result, secondary pollution is prevented.

In an Air Source Treatment Unit, a pressure regulator is used to match the flow of gas through the device to the demand for gas placed upon it, at the same time maintaining a constant output pressure. The control valve is highly efficient in minimizing the input pressure of a fluid to a desired value at its output. It goes without saying that controlling pressure is an essential requirement in all systems, hence the need for quality regulators.

EC Pneumatic offers proven and tested SWISH Regulators that are built for performance. With the product, customers benefit from precise air regulation from 7 to 125 psi. The maximum inlet pressure is 150psi. SWISH Regulators feature a poppet-type inlet valve which eliminates reverse flow when the inlet air is removed.

A pneumatic lubricator is used to inject an aerosolized stream of air into an air line. This lubricates the internal working parts of pneumatic tools and other industrial devices including valves, motors and actuating cylinders.  The amount of lubricating oil released is controlled by an adjustable needle valve. Just like most industrial devices, pneumatic cylinders and valves perform better and last longer when properly lubricated.

An Auto Drain Valve is a fundamental component of an Air Source Treatment. The devices come in handy in preventing re-pollution of air as a result of condensed water caused by neglect of manual drain. Our Auto Drain Valves are proven and tested in reliably discharging sewage without requiring a human operator. As a result, they can be installed in places that are inconvenient for manual discharge of sewage.

EC Pneumatic boasts a wealth of experience in the pneumatic industry. Over the years, we have managed to ensure customer satisfaction and build an enviable client base. When it comes to Air Source Treatment Units, our products have been widely adopted by diverse clients across Malaysia. With our products, you can be certain of excellent operating efficiency. Contact us today for a deeper insight into our products and services.

Do you require pneumatic products for your production line or factory?

EC Pneumatic & Hardware has over 16+ years’ experience in the industry, enabling us to source the right mechanisms for your pneumatic components in Malaysia based on respective requirements. As a primer pneumatic component supplier in Malaysia, our products are of first-class quality & performance, which makes it easy to fit in your desired workflow. We also carry a collection of leading brands and manufacturers in the industry such as SWISH, CKD, Parker, SMC, ASCO, JISAN and heaps more. Check out our offerings of pneumatic products.

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