metal push in fitting

What is a Metal Push In Fitting?
Metal Push-In Fittings special feature is that the connection and disconnection of the tube can be replaced several times and is performed with one hand, without the usage of tools. Its nickel-plated brass bodies ensure anti-corrosion and anti-contamination. To connect, just push the tubing until it bottoms and stainless steel teeth to grip onto the tubing and hold it captive.

What are the features of Metal Push-In Fittings?

  • Fluid admitted: Air, Water, Steam, and other liquid
  • Max. Working Pressure: 3.0 MPa
  • Working Temperature: -20 to 200 °C
  • Material: Nickel-plated brass
  • Body: Stainless Steel
  • Recommended Tubing Material Polyurethane, Nylon, Polyethylene, and Polypropylene
  • High precision automatic lathe to make the claws not hurt tube surface.
  • Easy to push in and put out on the basis of working pressure assured.

What are the types of Metal Push-In Fittings?
Metal Push-In Fittings are available in various inches and metric sizes. We have a variety of push-in fitting catering to different industrial applications. They are BPC, BPL, BPU, BPE and BPV Union Pneumatic Air Push In One Touch Quick Fitting. 

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