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Air set (FRL) is used to provide clean compressed air/gas used to power a pneumatic system. When a filter, a lubricator and a regulator are all combined to function as a unit in a pneumatic system, it is known as an air set. FRL is generally used to refer to a Filter-Regulator-Lubricator system. They’re used to preserve the life of downstream equipment like valves and cylinders which can easily be damaged when they come in contact with unfiltered, unregulated and untreated compressed air. Pneumatic Air-set can be used in a variety of application like agriculture, pharmaceutical, food and beverage processing, marine & aviation, food processing and a host of others.

How It Works

When air is processed through a compressor, it naturally becomes polluted or contaminated with heat, small contaminants and unwanted moisture. In order to prevent any sort of damage to the system, the compressed air is then passed through the pneumatic air filter, the filter purifies the compressed air by trapping any kind of particle (like moisture, dust or dirt) from going through, thereby allowing for a much refined compressed air to enter the regulator. Air-line filters are generally installed in the upstream section of the system where it serves as the first point of protection to the system.

After the air has been filtered, it moves into a pressure regulator which is then used to control the air flow in the pneumatic system in order to reduce the pressure. A pneumatic pressure regulator is also known as pressure reducing valve (PRV) and its primary function is to maintain a constant air flow in the system regardless of input pressure of the compressed air that enters the system. It has a control spring which acts as a diaphragm to regulate the air flow.

The Lubricator is used to add oil to the system in order to reduce component friction. Whether it is a pneumatic system or a hydraulic system, most driven equipment require lubrication in order for them to function optimally and extend their self-life. A pneumatic lubricator is used to maintain an adequate amount of lubricant in the system thereby removing compressor oil that travels through the system in vapour form. The lubricator has a meter system that can be adjusted to provide a precise amount of lubricant to the air operated equipment and the only maintenance required is a periodic refill of the reservoir of the lubricator.

Every component of the pneumatic system is highly critical to the optimum functioning and efficiency of the system. Thus, it is very important that meticulous care is taken in selecting the FRL component as a wrong selection will result in damage of the system.

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