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Penang is an island state located on the northwest coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Georgetown, Malaysia’s second-largest city in Malaysia is the capital city of the state. The state is a UNESCO world heritage site, which has further fuelled its growth. Millions of tourists flock Penang every year, making the state a top tourist destination. Penang is a crucial outlet to the markets of Europe and the Middle East.

Penang is a melting pot of eastern culture. It is a heaven for food enthusiasts with a wide range of aromatic cuisines. The state boasts abundant cultural sights and natural scenery. Visitors can also enjoy the stunning sandy beaches of Tanjung Bunga. The Malaysian government has played a huge role in creating a conducive business environment in Penang. The state enjoys world-class infrastructure facilities, thus encouraging many investors to set up base in the region. Broadband penetration is high and competitively priced.

The government has developed crucial amenities in Penang. Consequently, investors are attracted by modern residential facilities, world-class healthcare services, and recreational activities.

Globalisation has opened new markets for industries across the world. As a result, there is an increasing necessity of faster manufacturing. We supply pneumatic products that are tailored to your nature of operations and business needs. Our pneumatics have been widely utilized for automation of manufacturing processes, saving on costs while boosting productivity. Malaysia has one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical markets in Asia Pacific Region.

Penang hosts a comprehensive range of economic activities. Vibrant industries in the state include Electronics, automation, packaging, plastics, precision engineering and metal work and software development.  There is a huge pool of human capital available to support the industries at all levels.

Besides Tourism, manufacturing is a major sector in Penang. The state has a vibrant Electrical and electronic ecosystem. EC Pneumatic provides innovative pneumatic products that are crucial for the operations of local electronic manufacturing companies. The electronics industry in Penang is fuelled by an end market avid to discover the latest technology.

Our highly experienced team provides custom and compact pneumatics solutions that you need to maintain a competitive edge in the market. We supply controllers that automate industrial and process plants for general and more complex control tasks. Pneumatics applications in food and beverage production normally require certification of relevant equipment such as the pneumatic cylinder. Special clean design features eliminate bacteria related problems. Pneumatics automation in industries has significantly reduced unplanned downtime.

EC Pneumatic understands that product safety and efficiency are critical for the plastic industry in Penang and Malaysia in general. We supply a full range of components such as actuators, valves, FRL and switches that ensure operations run effectively and as smoothly as possible. We take pride in helping achieve key improvements through increased cycle times, improved vacuum control and better-formed product.

Penang offers a wealth of untapped possibilities in the pharmaceutical industry. Choosing the right material handling system is critical to the success of companies. EC Pneumatic provides pneumatic systems that are certain to enhance process efficiency thus boosting performance for both low volume and high volume operations. It’s worth noting that our pneumatics solutions for pharmaceuticals are essential in ensuring utmost batch purity.

Through pneumatic automation of medicine production, the process is broken down into a series of operations. EC Pneumatic offers informed advice on automation of machinery for the pharmaceutical industries that is geared towards better productivity. Our pneumatics monitors facilitate predictive maintenance, as a result, maximizing system availability. We send stock in timely manner across Malaysia. This has helped to ensure uninterrupted operations by making sure our clients receive their products and components within an impressive time frame.

EC Pneumatic stays abreast of technology developments and trends while providing top-notch pneumatics solutions for a myriad of industries in Malaysia. Our enviable customer base enjoys high control accuracy characteristic of all our products. We give our clients access to emerging pneumatic devices and process valves sourced from trusted manufacturers in the industry. No matter the pneumatic component specified, it’s critical to have a deep insight into the details of the application at hand.

Each pneumatics order processed by our company is a commitment to satisfaction and guaranteed results. Want to Learn More? Contact us today; our friendly team will help you find the right product for your application

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