quick exhaust valve

Quick Exhaust Valves are specific fittings that are mainly used in increasing the cycle speed of cylinders in a pneumatic system. The Quick Exhaust Valve will result in rapid retraction or rapid extension, which of course depends on the actuation requirements of the system.

What is the feature of a Quick Exhaust Valve?

  • It’s highly sensitive and exerts variance pressure across the diaphragm to open the exhaust
  • Designed with a lightweight material, which can easily be sustained by the piping of the system
  • Ensures a rapid return as well as turn the volume of the cylinder
  • Offers multiple porting options for efficient systems

How are Quick Exhaust Valves used?

This valve is typically installed at the blind end or rod end of the cylinder, to offer a swift extension and retraction of the equipment. When the exerted pressure is detached from the input port of the quick exhaust valve, the subsequent backflow at the valve’s output port is certain to unseat the internal components of the valve. This whole process outcome in the relief of large amounts of liquid flow inside the least amount of imaginable time.

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