round cylinder

The Round Cylinder also know as Slim or Mini Cylinder comes in 4 different series, which are: RAS Series Stainless Steel Mini Cylinder, RAL Series Aluminum Alloy Mini Cylinder, IAS Series Mini Cylinder (Stainless Steel, ISO6432) and CM2 Series Stainless Steel Mini Cylinder. All the cylinder has a bore size range from 16 to 40mm. The barrel and front/rear cap of the mini pneumatic cylinder are linked by a thread structure with a strong glue. Special air cushion design retains less impact from the piston to the front or rear cap. 

What are the features of Round / Slim / Mini Cylinder?

  • Provides high consistency and concentric
  • Japanese anti-dust seals have a good sealing performance and dust protection
  • Special air cushion design, hence less impact from the piston to front or rear cover
  • Heat resistant seal, double rod and adjustable stroke

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Specification of Round Cylinder


Motion Pattern Double Action & Single Action
Working Medium Air
Ensured Pressure Resistance 1.35MPa
Operating Temperature Range -5 ~ 70 Celsius

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