shock absorber

What is a Shock Absorber?
A shock absorber is a device that is designed to absorb and moisten shock impulses. Shock absorber functions to also stop a moving load that has a minimum load rebound, least shock to the load and surrounding equipment. The pneumatic shock absorbers are used in combination with cushions and springs. Generally, most of the shock absorbers convert the energy to the heat inside of the viscous fluid. On a normal basis, shock absorbers also help to cushion vehicles on uneven roads.

What does a Shock Absorber consist of?
Basically, shock absorbers translate the kinetic energy of a load into heat which is dissolute into the atmosphere. It stops a moving load with no rebound and without spreading potentially damaging shocks to equipment. Typically, a shock absorber consists of:-

  • a piston
  • a double-walled cylinder with space between the concentric inner and outer wall
  • some means of mechanical return for the piston,
  • as well as a mounting plate.

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