shuttle valve

A shuttle valve is a type of valve that permits fluid to flow over it from one of two sources. Typically, a shuttle valve is utilised in pneumatic systems, even though sometimes it will be found in hydraulic systems.

How does the Shuttle Valve function?

The simple structure of a shuttle valve is like a tube with three openings which is one on each end and one in the middle. A ball or other blocking valve element transports freely within the tube. When pressure from a fluid is exercised over an opening on one end, it pushes the ball towards the opposite end. It avoids the fluid from going through that opening, but also allowing it to flow through the middle opening. In this way, two diverse sources can offer pressure without the threat of backflow from one source to the other. 

What is the feature of a Shuttle Valve?

  • Working medium: Air
  • Working pressure: 0-1.0MPa
  • Ambient Temperature Range: 5 – 60 Celsius

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