Standard Cylinder (Tie-Rod)

Our Standard Cylinder comes in 2 different series which are TBC & VBC. This series of pneumatic cylinder bore sizes ranges from 32mm to 200mm. The cylinders are designed with great performance. It is more abrasive, sustainable to dust protection, and has a longer life span. A standard pneumatic cylinder has a stronger self-lubricated bronze bearing, with great lateral loading performance. The special air cushion design makes the standard pneumatic cylinder more stable as well. 

What are the features of a Standard Cylinder (Tie-Rod)?

  • The front/rear cover moulds cylinder are designed with better performance
  • It is an anti-dust seal and has a longer life span
  • Self-lubricated bronze bearing
  • Great lateral loading performance

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Specification of TBC/ VBC Series Standard Cylinder


Motion Pattern Double Action
Working Medium Air
Ensured Pressure Resistance 1.35MPa
Operating Temperature Range -5 ~ 70 Celsius

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